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License Releases Build Status

mplayer4anime is mplayer launcher to play video file with audio layer and/or subtitles (.ass, .srt, etc.) at once.

Application screenshot 1


Source code spreads under the GNU General Public License v.3. You can find it in LICENSE file.

Note: Since 0.10 application supports playlists management and implements own json-based format that (somehow) could be used in third-party application, it would be nice to leave it as is. At least, I would prefer to have .alpr file extension used for this. As for the format of playlist, please refer to WFTPL license.

Used libraries


For latest versions of this app use JRE or JDK 8 or higher.

For older versions (prior to v0.12) please use JRE/JDK 8 (and JavaFX if you're NOT using Windows. For example: in Debian Stretch you should install 'openjfx' package).

Running on Linux

Just start it as regular Java application:

$ java -jar mplayer4anime.jar

Running on Windows

Step 1.

Download and install JRE 8 or later:

Step 2.

Download and install (unpack) mplayer: (see 'Build selection table', for example click 'generic')

Step 3.

Download and run jar file.

Step 4.

If using v0.12 or higher: Somehow set file associations for this application to all *.alpr files. Allow netowork usage when start application (using socket 65042 for inter-process communication within localhost)


Wait for native installer. No ETA.


  • DDinghoya, who translated this application to Korean!