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Read and flash RW1990 keys using arduino.

RW1990 aka RW-1990. Most likely RW-1990.1, ТМ-08, ТМ-08v2 will be working.

It should be something about 'PCB'

You will need:

  • Resistor 2.2k
  • Arduino Nano. Or not Nano, Uno is also good. Or you can pick some Arduino-compatible board.
  • Wires x3

Long story short: pull PIN 10 over capacitor to VCC. Plug this pin to the center of the iButton key. Key 'borders' should be connected to the ground.

Just take a look on what_is_it_should_be_look_like.jpg


To read key just flash snipped as is.

To write key you need do next steps:

  1. Set key_to_write to key you want to write.
  2. Find in code '// UNCOMMENT THIS SECTION FOR FLASHING KEY' section and uncomment this section.
  3. Flash. Check. Get satisfied.









 programmed to KEY requested
 programmed to KEY requested.....


Uses some code, ideas, information, inspiration taken from:


Since I didn't find any license info in projects used please consider this as WTFPL app.